Moira Buchanan Fine Art
Artist's Statement

Born in Irvine, Buchanan graduated from the Metropolitan College in art and design. She continued her education with the Open University in Art History and is now focusing on painting at her studio in Glasgow.

Currently Buchanan’s work looks intently at organic subjects interpreting its ideology and by intentionally juxtapositioning both its environment and form. For Example, her butterfly series explores her use of colour and texture. The work highlights the viewer’s acceptance, and understanding of the environment within the butterflies’ containment. Structure and absence are reoccurring elements in her work as painterly form. This conveys the notion of transformation in modern symbolism. Her symbolic narrative invites a visual deep resonance guiding the viewer through the simplicity of her organic theme.

Buchanan's recent work titled - 'All Washed Up' is a recurrence to Buchanan's description of life's alteration and re-birthing.

Her 'All Washed Up' series of paintings is a combination of mixed media ranging from photography, printmaking with watercolour and acrylic. Her current work explores her personal interaction with the Scottish coastline.In Buchanan's recent series of works, she has drawn her inspiration from collecting sea life and shoreline objects on the beaches of Scotland. She focuses on natural found objects such as shells, seaweed and algae. These become the basis of her work in which the artist reinterprets these objects through mixed media in her art. On this occasion Buchanan has combined photography, printmaking and painting. She often refers this process to metamorphism; reconstructing the state of an object into her own.

In recent years she has exhibited alongside some of the greats of the Scottish art scene, including Catrina Miller, frank to, Jack Knox and Peter Howson.
Her work has featured in several Scottish galleries/spaces and exhibitions in Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling, Argyll and Edinburgh.


Selected Group/Solo Exhibitions:

2016:- Gallery Q, Dundee
2016:- Solo Exhibition 'All Washed Up', Irvine, Ayrshire
2016:- Edinburgh Art Fair, Corn Exchange
2016:- Solo Exhibition 'Introduction2' University of Glasgow
2016:- Solo Exhibition 'Introduction1' The Glad Cafe, Glasgow
2016:- 516 The Gallery, Glasgow
2015:- Tighnabruaich Gallery, Tighnabruaich, Argyll
2015:- Parade Artists’ Arts Festival, Glasgow
2015:- Bridge of Allan Arts Festival
2015:- 516 The Gallery, Glasgow
2015:- Art Village, Glasgow
2015:- Wasps Open Studios Event Glasgow
2015:- Doors Open Day Exhibition Argyle Chambers, Glasgow
2015:- Illustrations, Sunshine No1, Glasgow
2015:- The Fisher Gallery, Pittenweem, Fife KY10 2LA
2015:- Green Gallery, Buchlyvie, Stirlingshire FK8 3NX
2015:- Art On Scotland, Glasgow
2015:- Spring/Summer Exhibition, Arteries< glasgow
2015:- Art Village, Southside, Glasgow
2015:- Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine
2015:- Art on the Loch, Loch Lomond
2015:- Solo Exhibition 2, Photography and print transfers, Tapa Coffeehouse, Glasgow
2015:- Photography and Illustration, Unexpected Artists, Glasgow
2015:- Solo Exhibition 1 Paintings and illustrations, Tapa Coffeehouse, Glasgow
2015;- Group Exhibition, Merchant Gate Gallery, Glasgow
2015;- Group Exhibition, Arteries, Glasgow

2014:- The Coachhouse Gallery, Christmas Exhibition, Pittenweem
2014:- Arteries, Christmas Exhibition, Glasgow
2014:- Merchant Gate Gallery, Christmas Exhibition, Glasgow
2014:- Parade Artists Exhibition, WASPS, Glasgow
2014:- Southside Gallery, Winter Show, Glasgow
2014:- Art On Scotland Winter Event, Glasgow
2014:- Art Village, Winter Exhibition, Southside, Glasgow
2014:- WASPS Open Studios, Glasgow
2014:- Art On Scotland, Commonwealth games, Glasgow
2014:- “This City 2” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Glasgow
2014:- Art On The Exchange, Glasgow
2014:- The Scottish Story Telling Centre, Edinburgh
2014:- Southside Arts Festival, Glasgow
2014:- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Southside Gallery, Glasgow
2014:- Group Exhibition, Arteries, Glasgow
2014:- Spring Exhibition, Gallery Q, Dundee
2014:- Spring Exhibition, Art Exposure, Glasgow
2014:- The Coachhouse Gallery, Pittenweem

2013:- Arteries Gallery, Glasgow
2013:- Art Exposure, Glasgow
2013:- Southside Gallery, Glasgow
2013:- Merchant Gate Gallery, Glasgow
2013:- The Verge, Skypark, Glasgow
2013:- Arteries, Glasgow
2013:- Open Studios, WASPS, Glasgow
2013:- Parade Artists, WASPS, Glasgow
2013:- Southside Festival Exhibition, Glasgow
2012:- Parade Artists, WASPS, Glasgow
2012:- High Street Gallery, Glasgow - Autumn Exhibition
2012:- House for an Art Lover, Glasgow
2012:- Craigton House Exhibition, Edinburgh
2012:- Gallery Q, Dundee – Christmas Show
2012:- Gallery Q, Dundee – Autumn Exhibiton
2012:- WASPS Open Studios
2012:- Gallery Q, Dundee – Spring Exhibition
2011:- WASPS Open Studios
2010:- WASPS Open Studios
2009:- Hudson and Mackay Gallery online
2009: - PAI Drawing Exhibition
2009: - WASPS Open Studios
2009: - Royal Scottish Ballet Technical Centre
2008: - PAI Drawing Exhibition
2008: - Hiddenlane Open Studios exhibition
2008: - WASPS Open Studios
2007: - Glasgow Print Studio
2007: - Primera Open Exhibition, Eastwood House, East Renfrewshire
2007: - Festival of Colour, Eastwood House, East Renfrewshire
2007: - Oddbins International, Eastwood House, East Renfrewshire
2006: - Primera Open Exhibition, Eastwood House, East Renfrewshire
2005: - Festival of Colour, Eastwood House, East Renfrewshire